My 40th Birthday - January 16, 2002
a special surprise party from my friends

See my birthday card, poem, my "tree" and some other pictures

First a picture of me at my surprise party with my "card" from my friends. Here is another really neat gift, Money Tree with "Canadian Tire Money"

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This box had towels and washcloths
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Now a poem written for me by Paul Scott, a special friend (like a father to me)

Judi, Judi, Judi

                                             This poem begins
                                                 Once upon a time
                                                     When you came into my knowing
                                                         As a lovely disembodied voice,
                                                             Conversant with wrenches and engines,
                                                                 As I worked under a car
                                                                     In the wine warm darkness
                                                                         Of that fateful summer night
                                                                             In Mike and Heidi's yard.

                                             The voice was saying,
                                                 As it passed down the tools,
                                                     It needed a place to live.
                                                         Bereft of daughters,
                                                             At that moment
                                                                 I was completely charmed
                                                                     And having a trailer to rent,
                                                                         I told her, "Do I have a place for you!"
                                                                             Adopting her then and there.

                                             She arrived first on a motorcycle
                                                 With a very pregnant cat,
                                                     Impatient to deliver five kittens,
                                                         In a cage on the back of it.
                                                             Then came the beautiful,
                                                                 The beloved Yintuk
                                                                     Also in the family way
                                                                         With nine more cuddly tenants,
                                                                             I now needed a zoo permit!

                                             She performed miracles
                                                 Finding homes for all of them,
                                                     But with a lowboy
                                                         And by the van and wagonload
                                                             She retrieved more and more stuff:
                                                                 It was obvious she was one of my family.   
                                                                     Finally, Brian, a cyber Harry Potter:
                                                                         Intelligent, droll and lovingly patient.
                                                                             Accepting it all with such good nature.

                                             This young woman
                                                 In shiny leather or work stained denim
                                                     With talents as widely spectrumed
                                                         As her energetic smile...
                                                             Stayed with us for a wonderful while
                                                                 And always in our hearts
                                                                     There will be room for her,
                                                                         Even after this landmark,
                                                                             Turning forty....

With Love Paul and Anna

I had hugs and friends and cut my cake - complete with a little piggy on it.

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