McNairn Descendants

Last Updated 12/25/2002
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I first started researching the McNairn family back in the 1970's and at that time Robert McNairn of Waterdown was very helpful giving me information that he and his brother and father had all researched - Since then I have verified some things myself on Microfilms received some more info from Norman McNairn and shared info back and forth with Cheryl Grice from Indiana who has done a great deal of research on the descendants of John McNairn b 1745 as she is one.  I have also had a great deal of help and sharing of information with various friends and family that I have met on the internet in my search for genealogy.  I want to share this info with people but if you use this I would like you to give credit to those who have researched the information.


First Generation

1. Alexander M'Narine Sr.

1684 Parish List notes from Barskeoch
Alexr. McNarin husband, Jonet McNarin wife
Joh. McCornock elder husband, infirm.
Joh. McCornock younger husband, Eliz. McNarin wife
Gilbert McNarin husband, Jane McKermick wife
Joh. Bodin husband, Jonet McNarin wife

above thanks to a look-up on the Dumfriesshire list
Perhaps Elizabeth and Jonet McNairn are sisters of Alexander or children


Alexander married Marion Campbell (Jonet).

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i. Alexander McNairn was born in 1672.


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