Photos taken by me, Judi, unless otherwise stated

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Winter in Bruce County

Spring and Summer
Bruce County

lockerby may2001.jpg (4719 bytes)
Lockerby dam - fireworks party, May 2001

My Son, Brian and my nephew Danny at their Birthday party October 2000

  portweb.jpg (14489 bytes)
Brian and I September 1999

Bill1.jpg (6735 bytes)
My friend, Bill  at the Paisley Fall Fair, Sept '99

kayakyintuk.jpg (13459 bytes)
Yintuk, kayaking Oct, 2000

Danny in driveway.jpg (14026 bytes)     Claire in driveway.jpg (6136 bytes)
My Nephew Danny and Niece Claire Oct 2000
ice 1.jpg (10517 bytes)
Ice on the Saugeen River, Spring '99

Kerry and Mouse.jpg (7131 bytes)
My best friend, Kerry with his dog, Mouse

My Trip to BC

yintuk - screen saver.jpg (6666 bytes)

Yintuk, with my old tractor in the background at Doronoch
(Photo by Anna Scott)

Claire playing chanter.jpg (7953 bytes)       Danny playing the chanter 1.jpg (10976 bytes)
Claire and Danny playing Bill's chanter (something you practice bagpipes with)

mouse oval.jpg (9749 bytes)
Yintuk's best friend, Mouse

My 40th Birthday -
January 16, 2002

Brian, Danny and Buddy in the playground.jpg (7273 bytes)         Danny in the playground.jpg (4148 bytes)
Brian, Danny and Bill's dog Buddy